Council of Tran Dai Nghia Award 2019 holds decisive meeting

On April 13, 2019, at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), the Council of Tran Dai Nghia Award 2019 held its final meeting to assess the scientific and applied characteristics of especially excellent works submitted by specialized science councils before putting forth important conclusions about the number and value of awards.

In order to assess the applicability of the works, under the permission of VAST leaders, the award standing agency has directly verified the actual excellent works proposed by the Council of Science and Technology for getting clear and specific evidence.

Attending the meeting were all members of the award council established under VAST Decision 102/QD-VHL dated January 28, 2019, about the establishment of the council, together with the chairpersons of the specialized science councils, including Professor and Academic Nguyen Van Hieu (Chairman of the Scientific Council of mechanics and physics), Professor and Academic Dang Vu Minh (Chairman of Scientific Council of other sciences), and Prof. Dr Truong Nam Hai (Chairman of the Scientific Council for life sciences).

Awards Council meeting

After the report of the award standing agency on the work progress, Chairman of the Award Council, Professor and Academic Chau Van Minh commented: “The award standing agency has worked very urgently and actively to ensure the progress of the award. The most remarkable thing is that the agency has conducted some actual checks over outstanding works which were nominated at specialized scientific councils, to have a complete, objective and comprehensive report on the application of the project to the economy and society.”



The application of some outstanding works nominated inspected

Appreciating the selected works, Professor and Academic Nguyen Van Hieu, Standing Member of the Award Council said: “This year, the works received are very rich in content and areas of research. I spent many working sessions with the award standing agency to shortlist the works and only select to submit to the Specialized Science Councils works that are really good at scientific significance and application. The councils have worked very effectively and with great care as the councils members have read the works very carefully, before giving exact comments, not only in the nature of the research issue but also with the analysis on the ability of and potential of the work applications at present and in the near future. This is one of the essential things, because the Tran Dai Nghia Award requires the works to have a great applicability, a strong impact on the local socio-economy or beneficiary unit.”

Chairing the Award Council meeting, Professor and Academic Chau Van Minh introduced the nominated works for the comments and criticisms of the Award Council. At the end of the meeting, the Award Council voted to select the awarded works. The results of the awards will be announced at the upcoming press conference and the awards will be honored at a ceremony held on May 17, 2019 at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. Each prize is worth VND200 million, of which, apart from the State budget, the value of the prize includes the contributions of businesses that have been and will be benefiting from the scientific research results of academy. In addition, the work author will be awarded the Tran Dai Nghia certificate, cup and medal. As the nominated list is all outstanding works, the Awards Council will send letters of thanks to those participating in the donation of Tran Dai Nghia Award, but not yet received the award this time, in order to increase the quality of the award and encourage the spirit of application-oriented scientists.

For applied research projects, it takes a long time, even a whole life of scientific research, to test and realise the results of the projects. The Awards Council in particular and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology in general expect that the Tran Dai Nghia Award to become a driving force in the scientific research of domestic and international applied-oriented scientists, contributing to boosting socio-economic development and ensuring national defense and security.

On the occasion of the 105th anniversary of Professor and Academic Tran Dai Nghia"s birthday, the launch of the award was organised on September 13, 2018, attracting a great deal of interest from scientists from all over the country.
Especially, this year Tran Dai Nghia Award received some nominations from abroad. Through the short-listed round, 23 qualified projects were short-listed to be analysed and assessed by members of the specialized science councils; and criticised by experts outside the councils in the most accurate and unbiased manner.
From the results of the specialized science councils, the Awards Council held its final meeting, agreeing on the selected works to be honored at the award ceremony. It is expected that a press conference will be held on May 13 to announce the winning works. The award ceremony will take place on May 17, 2019, together with scientific and technological activities marking Vietnam Science and Technology Day and the 44th anniversary of the founding of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. The event will be attended by representatives of the Party, State, ministries, departments and hundreds of delegates who are scientists all over the country.


Translated by Phương Huyen
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