Nano Curcumin – Improving the efficiency of turmeric essence

Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) is a precious medical plant which is highly appreciated among the many Vietnamese traditional medical plants. For centuries, Vietnamese people have used turmeric as a traditional condiment, creating yellow colour and special flavour for the dish. Turmeric is also a precious folklore medicine with many uses such as clearing scars, treating stomachache, detoxifying liver, and helping women after giving birth to involute their womb, recover shape and beautify skin.

Nowadays, scientists have discovered active elements making yellow and bringing the effect of turmeric. It is Curcumin, accounting for only 0.3% of the volume. The research results proved that Curcumin has valuable bioactive element, which has the effect of preventing diseases such as cancer, diseases of the digestive system, cardiovascular system and nervous system. However, the solubility of curcumin in H2O is very low so its capacity of biological absorption is also very low. Therefore, so far, the practical application of Curcumin in medicine and pharmacy has been limited. To overcome this drawback, scientists studied and developed nanotechnology, using nano-sized pharmaceutical product systems such as loposome and polymersome to manufacture complexes and water-soluble derivatives of Curcumin.

In Vietnam, scientists from major researching centres have conducted trials to produce Nano Curcumin materials from yellow turmeric. Assoc. Prof. Pham Huu Ly from the Institute of Chemistry under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and his colleagues successfully produced Nano Curcumin in pilot scale. The product is commercialized under the registered name of Curmanano. It has sizes under 10nm. It can dissolve in water and is quickly absorbed through the cell membrane. Its bioavailability is up to 80-95%, bringing effective treatment 40 times higher than normal Curcumin. Curmanano is material to produce CumarGold – the first product containing NanoCurcumin in Vietnam, which helps to prevent and provide effective treatment for incurable and chronic diseases.

Curmanano commercial product by the Institute of Chemistry, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

In distilled water, Nano Curcumin particles have size of about 50-70nm, while biological absorption channels of cell have size of about 200nm. Therefore, Nano Curcumin absorbs quickly and completely into blood, tissues, fluids in the body and cells, providing high efficiency in treatment.

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FeSEM) of the Nana Curcumin sample in distilled water

Nano Curcumin was piloted on SKBR3 lung cancer cell of Sprague-Dawley male mouse (which weights about 250-290g). Nano Curcumin dose is 200mg/kg body weight (equivalent 40mg Curcumin is diluted into 1% solution in water and put straight into stomach by cannula). After 14 to 16 hours, Curcumin nanoparticles (red) have high penetration levels in the SKBR3 lung cancer cell (blue).

Photo by microscopy showed the penetration of Nano Curcumin into lung cancer cells

CurmarGold – first product containing Nano Curcumin in Vietnam

Being transferred Nano Curcumin rare sources from the Institute of Chemistry, CVI Cosmetic Pharmacy Company coordinated with the Hanoi Pharmacy University and the Mediplantex Pharmacy Joint Stock Company to produce GurmarGold product. CurmarGold helps to treat stomach and duodenal ulcers; restore health and beauty for women after childbirth; enhance immunity and reduce toxicity and side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy; prevent and reduce the minimum risk of tumours caused by oxidative radicals; and protect liver and enhance liver function.

The success of Prof. Dr. Pham Huu Ly and his colleagues from the Institute of Chemistry has made an important contribution to supporting the prevention and treatment of diseases, improving community health as well as improving the values of traditional medical plants in Vietnam.

Main technical characteristics of CurmaNano (NanoCurcumin) – Materials for testing medicine production:

  • Golden brown flour, with ~ 20% NanoCurcumin content, specific taste of Curcumin, giving specific chemical reaction and biological actives of Curcuminoids;

  • Dissolve well in water (H2O): in distilled water, it is light yellow; in usual water, it is brown yellow;

  • Soluble in special organic solvents for Curcumin such as Acetone, Methanol, Ethanol, CHCL 3, DMSO;

  • Sustainable in pH physiological environment: pH~7,20-7,35

  • Heavy metal content: Achieving National Technical Standard CVN8-2: 2011/BYT, issued by the Ministry of Health

  • CurmaNano size: <100nm

  • Not sustainable with light

Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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