VAST Techmart 2015: Links and integration for joint development

The 2015 International Technology and Equipment Market of Vietnam (Techmart 2015), organised from October 1-4 by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Hanoi People’s Committee, the Ho Chi Minh city People’s Committee and the Business Association of High Quality Vietnamese Products, opened on the evening of October 1, 2015 at the Hanoi Friendship Cultural Palace at No. 91 Tran Hung Dao Street.

Attendants at the opening ceremony were Vu Duc Dam, Party Central Committee member and Deputy Prime Minister; Nguyen Quan, Party Central Committee member, Minister of Science and Technology; Professor and Academic Chau Van Minh, Party Central Committee member, President of the Academy of Science and Technology (VAST); representatives from the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Lao People"s Democratic Republic, the Ministry of National Defence, the Hanoi city People’s Committee, the Ho Chi Minh city People’s Committee, the Business Association of High Quality Vietnamese Products; the community of researchers; domestic and foreign enterprises.

Delegates cut the ribbon to open Techmart 2015


Delegates witness the signing of technological contract at Techmart 2015

Techmart 2015, a general technological and equipment market, aimed to encourage scientific and technological organizations, enterprises, collectives and individuals to introduce, offer and buy technologies and equipment in all areas. VAST participated with 17 stalls from 15 different units  in the market, introducing outstanding products in 2015, including the Vietnam Museum of Nature, the Centre for Hi-tech Development, the Institute of Biotechnology, the Institute of Environmental Technology, the Institute of Chemical Technology, the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry, the Institute of Science and Technology, the Institute of Materials Sciences, the Institute of Energy Science, the Institute of Applied Physics and Scientific Instrument, the Institute of Geography, the Ho Chi Minh city Resources Geography, the Institute of Geophysics.

This year, apart from giving a general introduction about the history of establishment and development as well as its structure, VAST put aside 2 stalls to display outstanding technological products. The main stall exhibited recent key missions, including Central Highlands program 3, the space technology program, marine technology program and the Nature Museum of Vietnam.


Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam visited the model of the factory to refine steel from red mud

With the theme " Links and integration for joint development", VAST stalls were divided into two blocks. The block "Links" showcased medical and pharmaceutical products which had been transferred from scientific research and successful commercialization by linking with business partners specializing in manufacturing, distribution and marketing. The block “Integration” presented the advanced and modern Vietnamese and international technologies which are currently being developed at VAST such as small satellites Pico Dragon, a miniature model of the red mud refinery plant system into steel, or the application of 6-wing UAV in photographing and collecting the reflected signal of the earth surface ... The new technologies promise to help to solve many scientific problems that could not be performed in the past. This combination aims to realise the target of “joint development” of VAST with international countries and friends.

VAST President and agencies’ leaders visited VAST stalls at Techmart

Scientific and technological products showcased at 15 stalls were typical of those from the institutions. For example, the Institute of Environmental Technology introduced a new invention of the Institute which sterilizes medical applications in sinks with anolyt, silver nano manufacturing technology and application of silver nano in medical decontamination and in life; electrochemical activate technology to sterilize medical equipment, medical environment, breeding grounds to prevent epidemics, treating water and environment for raising breeding shrimp; or Gia Phong air purifier with its research having been commercialised.

The Institute of Information Technology brought to the exhibition a wide range of software and useful solutions, including a smart word processing system, quantitative data analytical services, the management and analysis system of social networks, the smart system to collect information, the software to control ES-TMC steel furnaces, smart software to manage automotive electronic weighing stations ES-Weighing, and wireless data transmission equipment ES-GPRSIP.

The Institute of Natural Products Chemistry provided diverse products serving health care such as cordyceps roberti (in powdered, fresh, tablets),  Glucurmin – a product combining crocus powder with fallopia multiflora which helps to increase the ability in absorb cucurmin into humans’ bodies, and dietary supplements supporting the treatment of osteoarthritis such as Veda-K + and Arostin.

VAST President visited the stall of the Institute of Natural Products Chemistry

The Institute of Materials Sciences joined Techmart with advanced processing technologies and materials such as the technology for Cromit and Ilmenit processing from original ore, mineral sand from titan, measuring machines such as power output meters and controllers used for electrochemical plating technology, the machine to measure the thickness of thin film using quartz crystals, amys measuring CH4 and CO concentrations, the machine to measure alcohol concentrations in the  breath, the machine to measure ozone, the machine to measure LPG concentrations, the machine to measure dissolved oxygen tension DOT, the machine to measure wind speed and direction with indicators being recorded by itself, and the machine to measure magnetic field. During this Techmart, the Institute of Materials Sciences also provided projectors for rendering the applications to the 3D movies/photos without glasses which had been developed on 29-inch computers/screens. This technology allows viewers to take off tangled 3D glasses to enjoy the impressive and spectacular 3D effects.

A screen by the Institute of Materials Sciences using  new technology allowing 3D movie watchers not to wear glasses

Although they joined the event for the first time, the Institute of Geography and the Institute of Geophysics attracted a large number of visitors to the collection of Atlas for assessing water use conflicts in the Central Highlands, and assessing land degradation using remote sensing and GIS technology, a device to measure earthquakes on a large scale, the technology to notify and early warning for earthquakes, and soil classification based on cyclical dominant ground.

The Vietnam Museum of Nature where specimens of precious and rare fauna and flora are showcased, surprised the visitors with the skeleton of a snake or the skin of rare animals such as Javan pangolin and iguana which have to be handled carefully. Many other devices, technologies and products were on display and were introduced in detailed by experts and manipulators.

The Institute of Applied Physics and Scientific Instruments introduced many new technologies, including the high-tech product, unmanned aircraft Pelican VB – 01, with the flying ceiling of 3.5 kilometres, flying radius of 50 km within 90 minutes. The information about of the product was covered by a range of mass media and was seen by a Deputy Prime Minister. It is made of light and hard carbon fiber. Pelican VB - 01 being flight tested can be applied in the observation of the environment, forestation, the ecology and the terrains that are hard to be observed as well as in defence reconnaissance.

 Visitting the stall of the Institute of Applied Physics and Scientific Instrument

Techmart 2015 was closed on the afternoon of October 4th, 2015, with one certificate of merit awarded to VAST by the Ministry of Science and Technology, five Techmart golden cups for outstanding, excellent and creative technologies, and 17 certificates and Techmart insignias recognising the contributions from VAST units to create a eventful and effective Techmart.

Translated by Tuyet Nhung
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